1 April 2023

UNIROW Sharing Free Beautiful Images collection

free beautiful image collectionsSharing free images require some knowledge. The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the images were not copyrighted. The best thing to avoid some copyright issue is to only share our own images or any pictures that we have the right to do so. But always keep in mind even our own images may not eligible to be shared with others. It is due to the content of the images itself.

The images in this blog were owned and created by the author and it was shared here for free. All images were taken using both Digital Camera and Mobile phone. To reduce the loading times, only the pictures from mobile phone got uploaded. The real picture was saved on the local hard drive and shared only for anyone whom really care with picture.

Let’s take a look on the image. It was taken in the evening while the sun trying to break the clouds by penetrating its lights. Not so many clouds present at the times but it seems the lights unable to pass through the clouds. Darken trees in the bottom were the witnesses of the battle among the sun and clouds. The image was different than two previous image in which both of them showing the mountain. In this image, only small portion of the mountain was visible.

The picture was taken with the camera being pointed to the sky at 36 degree from the earth. The clouds were moving really fast because of the strong winds. While taken the images, lots of birds were coming from the east. It was photographed by Irna Diana and will be uploaded here in the next post. The times spent in taking the images were 86 minutes not including more than half and an hour waiting for the perfect timing. Do you like it? If not, don’t tell us if the images were not that great. We already knew about that. Do you know what make pictures look great? I believe you knew it as I do.

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