1 April 2023

The Sun shine in the Sky over mountain

Photography of sun

The Sun looks beautiful in the picture. It was circle but has a ring around it. The ring was in it’s body. It made the photography looks awesome. Just looks on how strong the light it has. The cloud in the sky made it light looks soft. In the left right of the image, it seems really cold while the right side is the opposite. It only warm in the middle.

The mountain was in really far distance. It really hard to measure it. But it make the image has a line to separate the sky with the land. Some clouds become red as the light of Sun goes through it. The other parts of clouds remain white. Some of them even darker. It seems not even the strongest light of Sun would be able to pass it.

In few moment, the Sun will be gone. It will fall behind a mountain. Only the red cloud in the sky will be shown. But not all cloud will become red, only few of them. When the lights off, the night will come and the Moon will spare it lights to replace the duty of the Sun. It only has really weak lights.

The Sun and a mountain between clouds is an image captured in local area. The author take it while travelling to seek a good scenery. It need lots of efforts just to grab this image. Taken from a high ground in small mountain, the image finally captured without any troubles. The author of the image feels grateful and thanks to God for the blessing. Many pictures will be shown here in this site when new images available. For anyone who curious on the details, here all the information that might be useful for you (keep in mind if the info will be updated in future).


TypePhotography of Scenery
NameThe Sun shine in the Sky over mountain
ObjectSun, Clouds and a Mountain
Characteristic1. Ring around Sun.
2. Red Clouds.
3. Darker Clouds.
4. White Clouds.
4. Darkened Lands.
Time StampSeptember 10, 2012
AuthorMochammad Rifai
AssistantIrna Diana
CameraSamsung galaxy

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